Slightly East x Artemisia Firat Crimson Rose and Aubergine Pillow

Slightly East x Artemisia is a limited edition collection and collaboration inspired by antique Uzbek Chapans. Featuring handwoven ikat and carefully sourced vintage Russian cloth, each of these pillows have an unexpected color and pattern combination reminiscent of 19th c. Central Asia. The pillows are handmade in Artemisia's studio with careful attention to detail including cotton lining, hidden zippers, and the most luxurious 80% down / 20% feather inserts. All Slightly East x Artemisia pillows are one of a kind and due to the nature of vintage and handwoven fabrics, slight variation may occur.

Our Slightly East x Artemisia Firat Crimson Rose and Aubergine Pillow features handwoven ikat from the Fergana Valley of Uzbekistan and vintage Russian printed fabric circa 1960s. Uzbeks used Russian printed cottons to line ikat clothing, particularly seen in coats called chapans. Not only was this beautiful, but the combination of patterns and vibrant colors were believed to be protective, a distraction to evil. 
  • Limited edition reversible pillow
  • Available in 14" x 18" and 20" x 20"
  • 70% silk / 30% cotton handwoven ikat fabric
  • Vintage Russian roller printed back
  • 100% cotton lined
  • 80% down / 20% feather insert
  • Knife edge with blind seams
  • Hidden zipper
  • Two vertical seams left and right on 20" x 20"

Please allow a lead time of 2-3 weeks for Slightly East x Artemisia pillows. Due to the nature of vintage and handwoven fabrics, slight variation may occur.